App development


Coding continues to play an important and crucial role in our lives and in education. The language of code provides you with the opportunity to be creative and innovative in the design of apps. Worldwide there is a huge demand for Computer Science graduates as well as the push
for solving real world problems with the use of technology.

We challenge you to tap into your entrepreneurial skills to create an original, functioning app. We encourage you to use code to solve real world challenges whether they are personal or at home, at your school, your community or even the world.

For guidance and inspiration, explore Apple’s Develop in Swift curriculum.


  1. Creativity, innovation and originality of the app – apps that are merely clones of other apps will be ranked lower.
  2. Productivity of the app and how it serves its purpose (usefulness).
  3. Design, user interface and functionality of the mobile app.
  4. Overall quality of the app.
  5. Your entry must be accompanied by a PDF of a description (max 500 words) on why you created the app, its purpose and what problem it solves.
  6. Individual and group projects (maximum of 4 students) can be submitted in this category.


Prizes to be awarded to winners in the following grade categories:

  • Grade 4 – 7
  • Grade 8 – 12


AirPods for winning students and teachers.

Get the upper hand in with this category by exploring Apple’s free Develop in Swift curriculum. The curriculum is perfect for students who getting started with Swift code or those that are ready to build the next best app.