Artistic excellence


Tell us your story. There are no rules. This category is for the artist in every student. In this challenge, you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity by submitting a project that focuses on expression forms including drama, music or visual art. This challenge focuses on absolute creativity, imagination and originality through use of Apple technology.
For guidance and inspiration, explore Appleā€™s Everyone Can Create curriculum.


  1. High level of artistic expression evident (drama, music, visual arts etc.).
  2. High quality of the project presentation (minimal errors; project thoroughly edited; clear sound quality and camera work).
  3. Apple technology has been used in a way that has enhanced the artistic process (maximised features of apps and hardware to showcase artistic elements).
  4. The submission is creative, innovative and original.
  5. Students may submit either a video (max 4 min) or eBook (max 20 pages), whichever best meets the challenge to present their project.
  6. Individual and group projects (maximum of 4 students) can be submitted in this category.


Prizes to be awarded to winners in the following grade categories:

  • Grade 4 – 7
  • Grade 8 – 9
  • Grade 10 – 12


AirPods for winning students and teachers.