Coding Challenge


The power to create powerful apps and website is no longer in the hands of Silicon Valley. Coding is a part of our everyday lives – it’s part of every app we open and picture we post online. South African students have been creating software to make their lives and the lives of their communities better and we’d like to celebrate these local tech heroes. This category gives you the freedom to share your original app or website with the world.


  1. Creativity, innovation and originality of the app idea – apps that are merely clones of other apps will be ranked lower.
  2. Productivity of the app or website and how it serves its purpose (usefulness).
  3. Design, user interface and functionality of the mobile app or website.
  4. Overall quality of app or website.
  5. Your app or website should contain original content.
  6. If your app or website is not publicly available (i.e., it’s not available in an app store or its not a live website), you should upload a pdf of screen-shots of your creation. Your entry must be accompanied by a pdf of a description (max 500 words) on why you created the app or website, its purpose and what problem it solves.
  7. The project presentation should be of high quality (minimal errors; project thoroughly edited and revised).
  8. If app or website was developed as a group, groups cannot exceed a maximum of 4 members.


There will be great prizes for teachers and students.

Prizes to be awarded to winners in the following grade categories:

  • Grade 4 – 7
  • Grade 8 – 12

Winning app will be entered into international Best Mobile Apps Awards competition.