Curriculum challenge


Bring the curriculum to life through the integration and application of 21st century skills, Augmented Reality and Apple technology. 

This category gives you the freedom to apply creativity across any area of the curriculum, subjects and cross-curricular projects achieving various learning objectives.

Some ideas for your students: bring to life a favourite literary character, animate complex maths concepts, demonstrate scientific phenomena or give languages a new reality. The options are endless.

Judging Criteria

  1. First screen of the project must indicate curriculum area and learning objective.
  2. It is critical that projects creatively and originally explore curriculum and learning objectives.
  3. The project presentation should be of a high quality (minimal errors; project thoroughly edited; clear sound quality and camera work).
  4. Apple technology has been used effectively (made full use of the different elements of the app, and the features of the device – Mac, iPad etc).
  5. Message and learning outcome could not have been communicated effectively without Apple technology (redefinition rather than substitution).
  6. Students may submit either a video (max 4 min) or e-Book (max 20 pages), whichever best meets the challenge to present their project.
  7. Individual and group projects (maximum of 4 students) can be submitted in this category.


Prizes to be awarded to winners in the following grade categories:

  • Grade 0 – 3
  • Grade 4 – 7
  • Grade 8 – 9
  • Grade 10 – 12


AirPods for winning students and teachers.

Awards are won with Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum - Everyone Can Create includes
teacher guides that introduce the skills and techniques of drawing, photography, video and music.
Work your way through the guides to produce winning projects.