iTeacher LSEN


This calls for teachers to demonstrate how they have consistently integrated Apple technology within their special needs and remedial classrooms. This is not a single curriculum-based project but rather demonstrates an on-going process and approach of innovation in the classroom or therapy room. For example, making use of the iPad in ongoing therapy practices to develop skills or in adapting the way the curriculum is presented in a special needs or remedial classroom.


What was it like to be an iTeacher LSEN during #COVID19?

How did you use Apple technology to meet the challenges faced during school closures?

How did this change teaching and learning when schools returned?

Please document and enter your journey.



Please find suggested entry approaches below (please treat as suggestions only):

  • Introduction about yourself.
  • Contextualise your submission.
  • Examples of innovation and implementation.
  • Documentation of process and outcomes.
  • Examples of student work or pictures of engaged students.


  1. Evidence that Apple Technology has been utilised in a remedial or special Needs environment for teaching and learning.
  2. Not an isolated project but an ongoing process and approach of integration in the classroom or therapy room .
  3. Teachers may submit either a video or an ebook to present their project that best meets the challenge. 
  4. Teachers may submit either a video (max 4 min) or ebook (max 20 pages), whichever best meets the challenge to present their project.
  5. Teacher groups can be a maximum of 3 teachers.