This calls for teachers to demonstrate how they have redefined teaching and learning by using Apple technology, regularly within their classroom. This is not a single curriculum-based project but rather demonstrates an on-going process and approach of innovation in the classroom. For example, changing the way a specific curriculum is taught through a culmination of project work, tasks and assessment showing best practice in a 21st century classroom.


What is it like to be an iTeacher during #COVID19?

How did you use Apple technology to meet the challenges faced during school closures?

How did this change teaching and learning when schools returned.

Please document and enter your journey.



Please find suggested entry approaches below (please treat as suggestions only):

  • Introduction about yourself.
  • Include examples of innovation and implementation in your context.
  • Documentation of processes and outcomes.
  • Examples of student work, innovation and pictures of engaged students.
  • Evidence of your planning and how it links to your subject/curriculum, as well as evidence of using.
  • Apple technology to move from substitution to redefinition.
  • Evidence of significant learning outcomes.


  1. Evidence that Apple Technology has redefined teaching and learning in a sustainable way.
  2. Apple Technology has been used effectively (hardware and appropriate apps).
  3. Not an isolated project but an ongoing process and approach of innovation in the classroom.
  4. Evaluation about the impact of development of innovation and creativity regarding students is included and reflected upon.
  5. Teachers may submit either a video (max 4 min) or ebook (max 20 pages), whichever best meets the challenge to present their project.
  6. Teacher groups can be a maximum of 3 teachers.