Excellence in Education Awards 2022

Excellence in Education Awards 2022

The Excellence in Education Awards rewards educators and students who creatively use Apple technology to bring learning to life.
The awards celebrate excellence in leading students to critical thinking, innovation and collaboration.

Over the last 15 years we have had thousands of entries from a multitude of schools. Technology is playing a bigger role than ever before, our competition rewards the innovators in this educational evolution. We continue to recognise schools, teachers and students for their forward thinking and innovative explorations in education.

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2022 Categories

2022 Categories

Curriculum challenge

Artistic excellence

App development

MySA photography

Market my school


iTeacher inclusion

2022 winners

2021 winners

2020 winners

#SaveMyPlanet Grade 4 - 7 - Joshua Smith
#SaveMyPlanet Grade 8 - 12 - Tayla Gibbs
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2019 winners

#MySA iPhotography Grade 0-3
#MySA iPhotography Grade 4-7
#MySA iPhotography Grade 8-12
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2018 winners